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Don't Trust Telematics? We Dispel 5 Common Misconceptions

Telematics insurance is a brilliant way to get young drivers on the road for less while also encouraging more responsible driving helping become a better driver.

But there’s still a lot of misconceptions about telematics technology and since it was first introduced in the 1980s, many are wary of it, commonly associating it with the term, “Big Brother” mistakenly believing that telematics can record your conversations in the car!

Our own little piece of telematics technology is called ChilliDrive – it is app based, which aims to support and coach inexperienced drivers, helping them become safer on the road and in turn they receive cheaper insurance as a reward.

So, we are going to help dispel some of the common myths that surround telematics and help you make an informed decision whether a telematics policy is right for you.

Myth 1 

Telematics Misconceptions

This is a very common belief by some and completely untrue!  With our ChilliDrive App, our focus is on HOW you drive – looking at behaviours such as going around corners (cornering), braking, accelerating and speed.

Myth 2 

We do not inform the police if data indicates that you have went over the speed limit. This also applies to R drivers who go over their 45mph limit. The app will however pick up on speeding behaviour and assign you lower scores affecting your overall driving performance score on the app.

Obviously, you should be sticking to the speed limit at all times, but the only time insurers will share your data with the police is if it's a legal requirement, for example after a serious accident, or if a court order is issued.

Myth 3 

Untrue!  ChilliDrive does not apply a curfew unlike many other providers available. So, don’t worry if you are craving some late-night fast food, we won’t punish you for it; so long as your driving score is good and you're driving in a safe and responsible manner you can drive where you want, when you want.

Myth 4 

ChilliDrive doesn’t put a cap on how many miles you drive in a year, but your insurance policy premium is determined by how many miles to intend to drive so there is a connection. Therefore, it is important to be realistic and honest about your annual mileage – if you advise your insurer that you only drive for pleasure but you actually commute every day, this could affect any claims you might make in the future and risk invalidating your insurance policy. 

Myth 5 

This is also false. ChilliDrive gives you upfront discount at the start of your policy and it’s up to you to keep your score above 30 otherwise you risk policy cancellation.  


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