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Why Do You Have To Get Your Car Serviced?

We're just gonna go ahead and say it: having to take your car to get serviced can be a real pain in the butt.

But even though it means a little hassle, it's worth it to keep your car in good health. Servicing your car is a lot like an appointment at the doctor or dentist for us humans; going regularly is the only way to be properly sure there's nothing wrong with you.

You might be surprised to hear that according to research from Kwik Fit, as many as 40% of young drivers under 24 fail to get their cars serviced in time! Here's why taking your car for its service is so important:

A) You Can Save Money

Wait. But doesn't getting your car serviced costs money? How can you save money if you're spending it...?

Well, you might have heard that sometimes you gotta spend money to make money and in this case it's kinda true. Regular services and check-ups mean you can nip issues with your car in the bud before they develop into bigger, costlier issues.

Keeping things like brakes, tyres and the oily bits in your engine in good nick will reduce the risk of them failing on you. Getting your oil and air filter changed can even improve your fuel economy, which means you'll be saving money at the petrol pump too!

B) You'll Know Your Car Is Safe To Drive

Even though you get your car MOT'ed once a year, there's a lot that can happen in the 12 months in between. By taking your car for a service mid-way through the year, you'll get a better picture of how healthy it is.

Brakes and tyres can both wear out at fairly short notice if you don't look after them, so getting your car looked at regularly will mean you'll know there's nothing about to go wrong with it and that it's safe to drive.

Not only will this give you as a driver better peace of mind, it'll also give your parents better peace of mind - and we all know how much they can worry!

C) Your Car Will Be Worth More Money

Cars which don't have a full service history are typically worth a lot less than those which have extensive records of every service, MOT and repair job.

Think about it: would you buy a car if you had absolutely no idea if its oil had ever been changed, or if its brakes had ever been looked at...?

When the time comes to sell your car and upgrade to something nicer, faster or bigger, future buyers will know you've looked after it and that it's been taken care of by professionals. That means more money in your pocket as a result!

D) Your Car Will Live Longer

It might sound silly, but you have no idea how many people we know have driven their cars to an early grave - quite literally - by not taking good care of them.

Simple things like regular oil changes are absolutely vital to keeping your car in good condition in the long term. If you don't get it serviced at least once a year it can be RIP car sooner than you think, and often with little to no warning either.

Even if you're only planning on keeping your car for a few years, look at it this way - you'll get more money from a paying buyer than you will from a scrap yard!

You will definitely want to get your car serviced before your MOT. And here is what you can expect if it is your first MOT.

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