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ChilliDrive is very much OPEN FOR BUSINESS however our branches will be closed to the public for now. This is a precautionary measure in order to minimise the risk to staff, customers and the wider community. To get a quote, renew or make a change to your policy, please call us on 03452 303030.
For further information you can read our FAQs here.

Why ChilliDrive?

Save while you drive
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Upfront discount off your car insurance premium
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Optional Mio MiVue™ 733 dashcam for peace of mind
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Dedicated Support team who are there when you need them
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Driving Feedback

Daily scores based on driving behaviour
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Access to our ChilliDrive Support team via the app
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Incident Reporter

Personal guide in the event of an accident to report a claim

How does it work?

The ChilliDrive app monitors your driving using telematics technology which automatically records each journey you take. You’ll receive a score for your journeys, based on how safely you drive against key criteria such as staying within the speed limit, accelerating, braking and cornering.

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High Quality Recording

Unlike many other telematics options out there, we don’t wait to see your driving scores before we offer a discount. We trust that you will use the app each time you drive therefore we offer you upfront discount on your insurance - you could save up to £1,800 on your policy*.

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Dedicated Support Team

The ChilliDrive Support team have your back and are specially trained to help with any issues that may arise while using the app. You can use the in-app chat, email or call us with any questions.

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There are no curfews with ChilliDrive, so that means there are no limitations on when you drive.

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Mentoring and Feedback

You’ll receive emoji scoring, enhanced feedback on your driving provided by the Institute of Advanced Motorists and an overall summary to help you become even better behind the wheel. Using GPS, you’ll be able to interrogate each trip you take and examine areas of improvement to help you become a safer driver.

Score Summary

*Based on 53% of 100 customers saving over £1,800 – June 2019. Source: Based on Broker’s own data.

We Support You

Our dedicated Support team are also here to help you every step of the way and our in-app features act as a coach so you can work on improving your driving score and this may help you to reduce your insurance costs next year when you renew with us.

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    Chat - Whether you have a query specific to the app or your insurance policy, our Support team are here to help. You can send us a message via our in-app chat service for a quick response. 

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    24 Hr Breakdown Service - If you have purchased a breakdown policy, you can call our 24hr Recovery team directly through the app so you’re not stranded.

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    Accident Guide - In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, our in- app guide helps you capture all the details you need with ease so your insurer can assist you in the event of a claim.

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    Tutorials - Our in-app user guides help you get setup and manage the app in your own time. You’ll also find helpful How-To Guides on our YouTube channel covering the basics of car maintenance for new drivers.

Optional * Mio MiVue™ 733 WiFi

Driving can come with lots of surprises, which is why you can choose to have the ChilliDrive+Dashcam Plan. It uses the Mio MiVue™ 733 WiFi dashcam for added peace of mind, should the unexpected occur.
The ChilliDrive+Dashcam Plan is available to new ChilliDrive customers only and will be available for current ChilliDrive customers at the point of renewal. The dashcam is not compatible with the original ChilliDrive app.

Dashcam screen and camera

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    High Quality Recording

    In the event of an accident, the dashcam captures the moment of impact, recording what happened before, during and after an accident, which will help resolve disputes and settle insurance claims faster. There is also a handy emergency record button on the dashcam which can be pressed in the event you witness something you wish to capture by way of evidence such as erratic driving of other vehicles in front.

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    Lower Insurance

    It may help bring down the cost of your insurance because it reduces the risk of losing your No Claims Bonus, as the dashcam offers evidence in the event of an accident that shows you weren't at fault. 


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    Evidence from the dashcam recording can be used to protect you against ‘crash for cash’ fraudulent claims, so that you can receive fair compensation and prevent this happening to others, as well as protect your No Claims Bonus.

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    Advanced Driver Assist Systems

    The Mio MiVue™ 733 WiFi includes Advanced Driver Assist Systems. This includes a lane departure and forward collision warnings. Fatigue warning alerts can also be set to 2hr/3hr/4hr periods to let you know when to take a rest.

*Whilst selecting the ChilliDrive+Dashcam plan is optional, if purchased, users must use the Dashcam when driving at all times.