Why ChilliDrive?

How does ChilliDrive Car Insurance work?

ChilliDrive monitors your driving using telematics technology which automatically records each journey you take. You’ll get a score for your journeys, based on how safely you drive against key criteria such as staying within the speed limit, accelerating, braking and cornering.

Easy install

Getting set up couldn’t be easier! Shortly after taking out your policy you will receive the telematics device in the post. With your ignition off simply plug the small device into your OBD port by pressing firmly until the box is securely in place. When the red light shows you are good to go.

Unsure where your car’s OBD port is located? Either check your car’s handbook or use our quick locator tool here


You MUST set up your driving feedback account to avoid your insurance being cancelled. Drivers who check their feedback regularly are more likely to drive safer and make bigger savings at renewal.

  • High Quality Recording

    Unlike many other telematics options out there, we don’t wait to see your driving scores before we offer a discount. Once you install the small device to your car’s OBD port, you are good to go. We trust that you will not remove the device therefore we offer you upfront discount on your insurance.

  • Dedicated Support Team

    The ChilliDrive Support team have your back and will help with any issues that may arise. You can email or call us with any questions.

  • Protection

    There are no curfews with ChilliDrive, so that means no limitations on when you drive.

  • Feedback

    Using GPS, you’ll be able to check out your scores and look for areas of improvement to help you become a safer driver.

  • Clock (1) Dedicated Support Team
  • Line Chart Monthly performance reports
  • Recycle (1) Competitive Renewal Rate