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Help with my Device

  • Getting Started


    The handy installation guide you receive when you first take our your policy takes you through how to fit your device. Follow instructions as per Step 2 on the leaflet. If you have any issues at all, please contact our Support team on 08000 665 544 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

    What next after I have fitted my device?

    Now you need to keep your device charged using the charging cable provided- charge until all 4 blue lights above the button are constantly on. We advise that at least once a month you should keep your device plugged in whilst you drive to keep it fully charged. It should take up to 2 hours to fully charge from a low battery.* Please only use the supplied charger cable as this is specially designed to charge the device quickly whilst you are driving. When the battery reaches 25% or 10% charge remaining you will receive an email to remind you to charge the unit.

  • FAQs

    How do I charge my device?

    Connect the charger cable to the 12v socket. The small blue lights on the device will move up and down. Once fully charged these lights will stay on. A single charge should last up to 30 days with an average of 2 hours per day of driving. It should take 2 hours to fully charge. Please disconnect the charger cable when you leave the vehicle.

    What does the large light on the front of the unit indicate?

    It can show green, blue or red but unless we ask you to check them then do not be concerned about a particular colour being displayed. For your information once you start driving the light will display a colour for the first 20 seconds or so of a drive. You can also display the light by pressing the button for a second.

    How do I check the charge?

    Press the button on your device briefly and this will display the charge level.

    Changing your vehicle?

    Call us and we will arrange for a set of new sticky pads to be sent to you. Please ensure you remove the telematics device and charging cable from your old car. Twisting the device from the windscreen to remove will be easier than pulling it. When installing the telematics device into your new car please follow the instructions in step 2 of your installation guide ‘activating the device’.

    What should I do if the device is not working?

    Contact the customer service team on 08000 665 544 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

Help with my App

  • Getting Started

    Setting Up

    Before you pair your beacon, ensure that you have pulled the little plastic tab out of the beacon so that it is activated.

    Ensure that your Bluetooth and GPS are both turned on and low power mode is turned off on your phone. This will ensure that your beacon is paired successfully to your phone and all trips will be recorded. For help pairing up your beacon check out our video guide in the app.

    If you purchased ChilliDrive+Dashcam, you can view how to get set up in the video guide. Note it is important to ensure that the settings in the dashcam are not altered to avoid service disruption when connecting to the app therefore please leave all settings as per the default when you first get the dashcam.

    Installation into Car

    For help installing the dashcam (if purchased) into your car, check out our video guide: For optimal service, keep your beacon in the centre console of your car and position your phone close by it to ensure all trips are recorded. Avoid placing your devices in closed spaces such as the glove compartment or handbag as this may prevent your journeys from recording effectively.

    Issues Connecting Beacon

    If you are experiencing issues with your beacon, first of all check that the battery of the beacon is slotted in place. You can simply do this by twisting the beacon’s top off and check the positioning of the battery.

    Press the battery down for a few seconds to ensure that it is slotted in securely and screw the top of the beacon back on. If you continue to experience issues, please contact the ChilliDrive Support team as soon as possible.

    Issues Connecting Dashcam

    If you are experiencing issues with your dashcam and it is not connecting to your phone, please notify the ChilliDrive Support team as soon as possible.

    Uploading Car and License Documentation

    You can view how to take photos of these items in our video guide.

    Please try to avoid any overhead glare when taking photos as this may affect the quality of the photo. Also ensure that you have a steady hand when taking photos in order to avoid taking a blurry photo.

    Not driving for a while?

    If  you don’t intend to  drive for a while you must book time out using the facility available in the app. For help on how to do this check out our video guide in the app.

    New phone?

    If you have purchased a new phone you will need to setup ChilliDrive once again.

    Simply download the app onto your new phone and sign in with your mobile number, date of birth and pin number. If you have got a new mobile number, please contact our Chillidrive Support team asap so we can update your profile.

    Always ensure that your new phone’s software is up to date in order for all trips to be recorded. After you update your phone, make sure your beacon is paired with your new phone.

    In order for your phone to be compatible with the beacon, the minimum requirement for Android is 4.0 and 7.0 for iOS.

    Faulty Beacon/Dashcam?

    If your beacon or dashcam has been damaged, lost or is faulty, please contact the Chillidrive Support team as soon as possible.

    Please note that there will be a £10 charge fee incurred for the replacement of a misplaced beacon. 

  • Settings

    WiFi Settings

    Ensure that your WiFi is enabled at all times so that all trips are recorded accurately. You can view your trips in the Trip section of the app.


    Ensure that your GPS is enabled at all times so that all trips are recorded. You can view your trips in the Trip section of the app. If you are experiencing GPS issues, you can carry out a simple GPS signal test by simply going online and using one of the many GPS test tools available.

    If poor signal is detected, this may affect the recording of your trip therefore please notify ChilliDrive Support as soon as possible.


    Ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled at all times so that all trips are recorded. You can view your trips in the trip section of the app.

    Will it use lots of battery?

    If you’re a non-dashcam user, we would recommend having a phone charger for the car so that you can charge your phone if your battery is low.

    If you are a ChilliDrive+Dashcam user, your dashcam should be plugged into your Cigarette Lighter/12V power outlet at all times in your car.

    You must also ensure that your phone is fully charged at all times so that all trips will be recorded.

    Will it use lots of data?

    The ChilliDrive app uses a small amount of data for each trip uploaded but is likely to be under 1MB per month from your data plan. The trip data is sent to our servers at the end of each trip providing there is mobile data coverage. If there is no coverage, your trips will be stored on the app until the phone goes back into coverage again.

    It is possible to upload trips only when you are in WiFi coverage and this can be controlled in the settings in the app, selecting the WiFi toggle to ON which is the default when you first download the app. This will mean no data will be used from your data plan.

    It is very important that your insurer sees regular trip data on your profile, so you must ensure that your WiFi and GPS settings are enabled and low power mode turned off for the beacon to record your trips.

  • Scoring


    The app uses a bespoke algorithm to generate your trip scores which then calculates an average to create a profile score and this gives you an overview of your overall driving performance.

    How are trip scores calculated?

    After each trip, you will be able to see how you performed by going into the Trip section on the app. Here you will be given feedback on your most recent trip and you will also see a list of previous trips you have made allowing you to review each one and compare them.

    The Trip feedback is based on a specific scoring criteria: Braking, Cornering, Accelerating, Speeding. You can read more about how scores are assigned in the Trip Help section in the app.

    What is the 100-mile countdown?

    After you have clocked up 100 miles worth of journeys, the app will give you an overall profile score between 1-100 that represents your average driving performance.

    A score of 30-50 is considered an average driver.
    A score of 50+ is considered an above average driver.
    A score of 80+ is considered an excellent rating.

    A score < 30 is considered a poor rating and may result in an additional premium being added to your policy or the policy being cancelled by your insurer.

    Not driving for a while?

    Your insurer relies on trips to be recorded to update you monthly with your profile score.

    If there are no journeys a score cannot be provided. If you will be off the road it is important to book time out on the User Profile in the app.

    Why do I have low scores?

    Your score can be low for many reasons. For example, bad turns, bad acceleration, sudden braking and even speeding. If you have any concerns, please contact the ChilliDrive Support team to request in depth details of your trips. The ChilliDrive Support team can also advise you on areas to improve.

    A cornering score is based on how much you brake while turning (e.g. at a junction) or going around a bend in the road. If you brake heavily while you are doing this, it will count against your score. If you brake before a bend or corner, you will get a higher cornering score.

  • Trips

    I’m getting a ‘processing’ message

    The Chillidrive app will sometimes undergo maintenance/upgrades to improve your experience. This will result in an onscreen message advising you that your trips are processing and you may not see your score or mileage.

    If this happens don’t panic, your journey will be uploaded within six hours. If this continues please contact the Chillidrive Support team for assistance.

    I am seeing trips I didn’t make

    If your app records a journey that is not your own, this means that you have passed by your own car and your phone has picked up the beacon and the app has started to record the journey.

    To ensure that this does not happen in the future, we recommend that you ensure notifications for the app are remain turned on as per the terms and conditions. This enables the app to send you a notification when the beacon has detected to help you monitor this.

    Please ensure that your Bluetooth and GPS settings are turned off before you walk past your car so that your beacon is not detected. You can re-enable these settings when you are no longer near your car.

    My trips aren’t recording

    Please ensure that your beacon is paired correctly with your phone and check that your Bluetooth and GPS settings are turned on at all times and low power mode is turned off. This will ensure all trips are recorded automatically. If you are experiencing issues with your beacon, please check the Beacon Troubleshoot section.

  • Dashcam Troubleshoot

    Can I use my own dashcam with ChilliDrive?

    Unfortunately not. The ChilliDrive plan is only compatible with the Mio MiVue733 dashcam. 

    How do I reformat my SD card?

    Every 30 days, the dashcam will prompt you to reformat your SD card. This is important to ensure ChilliDrive and your dashcam continues to operate properly. Please follow the instructions on how to do this in our video guide.

    My dashcam keeps freezing

    To solve freezing issues, please format the SD card and ensure you have all app updates made. If you continue to experience issues, please contact ChilliDrive Support as soon as possible.

    My dashcam won’t turn on

    The dashcam only powers up when connected to your cigarette lighter/12V power outlet in your car and it requires constant power to function therefore please keep it connected at all times.

    When connected to power, check to see if the LED light on. If you continue to experience issues, please contact ChilliDrive Support as soon as possible.

    My dashcam isn’t recording

    Please ensure that your dashcam is plugged into your cigarette lighter/12V power outlet at all times to ensure continuous recording begins a few seconds after you start your car. If the dashcam has stopped working please contact the ChilliDrive Support team asap.

    My dashcam footage isn’t transferring to my phone

    Please ensure that your phone is connected to the dashcam’s WiFi to enable your footage to be transferred to your phone automatically. You will not be able to play your footage until it has finished uploading to your phone.

    Problems accessing old footage?

    If you don’t have enough storage left in your dashcam, you will be notified of this and the dashcam will delete the oldest files in order to add storage space. In order to avoid old files being deleted, save them elsewhere so that you can access them when needed.

    You can allocate space for your storage in system settings or reformat your SD card. Before you do this, ensure that you save your files elsewhere as they will be deleted if not.

Help with my Policy

  • My Policy Explained

    Price/ Premium

    Why has my policy premium gone up when I haven't had an accident?

    The premium is not based on the individual, but rather the claims ratio (the number of claims made in comparison to the number of policies for individuals with a similar profile. The more claims made for that profile, the higher risk the individual is considered to be and therefore more likely to make a claim). As a result, it is possible for an increase in your premium at renewal.

    The insurance rates also fluctuate from year to year and the government can also impact premiums if there are changes in Insurance Premium Tax.

    Why is my new vehicle more expensive to insure than my previous one?

    There are a number of reasons why a new vehicle may be more pricey to insure however the most common reason tends to be due to the vehicle having a bigger engine or higher performance.

    Is it cheaper to insure a car with a smaller engine size?

    In theory, it should prove cheaper to insure a car with a smaller engine, however that is not always the case. 


    When is my renewal invite sent to me?

    A renewal invite is available 30 days before the policy is due to renew and is sent out to customers from the insurer to give adequate time to get cover arranged. Renewal notices are sent out to customers via post to ensure they do not miss it.

    Can I insure my car for just a few months?

    Most insurers within the UK only covers 12-month policies. There are a number of online companies which offer temporary insurance however, these types of policies tend to come with a lot of stipulations.

    I only drive my car half of the year; will this make my insurance cheaper?

    This is known as off road cover. Whilst there are insurance policy options available for this on the marketplace offering off road cover, this is not something we currently offer.

    Is my car too old for GAP Insurance?

    Your car needs to be less than 10 years old to avail of a GAP Insurance policy.

    Can I tow a trailer/caravan?

    Yes, you can tow a trailer/caravan but the trailer will only be covered for third party damages.

    If my belongings are stolen from my car, are they covered?

    It will vary depending on the insurer however most insurers will cover personal belongings anywhere from £100 to £250.


    How do I cancel my policy?

    Phone or visit a branch and we can process the cancellation for you. Some insurers will request your insurance certificate before the cancellation can be completed.

    Why do I owe money after I cancel my policy?

    If you have opted not to pay your full year’s insurance upfront, like most people, you will be paying with regular direct debit payments. This means you are paying the policy on a pro rata basis, so for example if you renewed your policy without paying a deposit, each direct debit payment you make is only covering the previous month.

    If you cancel a policy mid-month, there may not be enough to cover the outstanding finance. You will also incur cancellation fees from the insurer and the broker, which can lead to outstanding balance on the finance.

    If I cancel my policy, will I lose my No Claims Bonus(NCB)?

    If you have a full NCB at the time of cancellation, this will stay in place, however if you are mid-way through earning another year of NCB, that year will not be counted.


    My MOT has ran out, can I drive my car?

    No, legally you are not allowed to drive a car without a valid MOT Certificate and if you do so, you may face a driving conviction and fine.

  • Insurance Terms Explained

    General Terms Explained

    What is Commuting Use?

    Commuting is driving your car to and from one permanent place of work.

    What is an Excess?

    Excess is the first part of any claim which you have to pay.

    Both compulsory and voluntary excess are paid in the event of damage, fire damage, theft and accidental damage claims.

    You will need to pay an Excess when you are claiming for repair to your vehicle if you are at fault in an accident. If the claim is non-fault, the third party’s insurance pays for the damage.

    What are Short Term Rates?

    With short-rate cancellation, the insurer is entitled to retain a greater percentage of unearned premium (UEP) than would otherwise apply with pro rata cancellation.

    What is a SORN declaration?

    A SORN is a Statutory Off-Road Notification. If you own a vehicle that you no longer want to drive on a public road, you can avoid paying for tax and insurance if you SORN the vehicle.


    Why do I need an Add-On product?

    Add-Ons include products such as Legal, Breakdown, Excess Protection, Replacement Car and Gap Insurance. These are optional to purchase, however, provide a greater and more comprehensive level of cover in the event of an accident or breakdown.

    For example, if you have Excess Protection and are involved in an accident, you will be reimbursed your full excess.

    Similarly, in the event of an accident where your car is written off, the Replacement Car add-on will provide you with a courtesy car.

    Legal expenses will provide you with legal assistance in the event of a dispute after an accident.

    Breakdown cover will provide you with roadside assistance in the event that your car breaks down.

    Are my keys covered on my car insurance?

    Some insurers will provide very basic cover for lost, stolen or broken keys however they may come with paying an excess and count as a claim towards your policy.

    In order to ensure your keys are covered properly, with no excess to pay then it would be wise to purchase a standalone Keycare policy. Just ask our advisors for further information on this.

    No Claims Bonus

    What is No Claims Bonus / No Claims Discount? (NCB /NCD)

    A No Claims Bonus is the number of years you have accumulated without a claim on your policy. It gives a reduction in the premium charged for insurance when no claim has been made during an agreed preceding period.

    What is a Protected No Claims Bonus (NCB)?   

    Protecting your NCB means that if you have an 'at fault' accident, this won’t affect the NCB that you may have built up over a number of years. So, if you have an accident, the NCB remains intact even if your insurer can't claim their costs back.

      • Is there a cost to protect it? Yes, but the benefits often outweigh the cost.
      • What are the benefits? It is a good idea to protect your bonus as without it, if you are involved in an 'at fault' accident and you did claim, you could lose this layer of protection and it could increase your premium.
      • When can I protect my bonus? This varies from insurer. Most start from 4 years, which means you must have car insurance (with any insurer) for 4 years before you can protect it.
      • Can I protect my bonus during the year?  No, once the policy has begun you cannot add NCB protection.
      • If a named driver on my policy has an incident, will I lose my NCB? If the NCB is not protected then yes. If a named driver has an accident in your car and a claim is made, then as the policyholder your no claims bonus will be affected. 

    My No Claims Bonus is from a European/International country, is that ok?

    Yes, however it can depend on the nation that the NCB is coming from and whether or not it can be validated. As a broker we will refer this to the insurance company on your behalf.

    Will submitting a claim affect my bonus?

    If you have an accident where you are at fault, this will affect your bonus.

    If you are involved in a non-fault claim and it is settled non-fault, it will NOT affect your No Claims Bonus.

    However, any claim can influence the overall price of your insurance policy, it can even increase if you have been involved in an accident that was deemed not your fault. 


    MTA and Temporary Adjustments

    What is an MTA?

    MTA stands for a ‘Mid-Term Adjustment’ on your insurance policy. An MTA is any change such as a new car or a change of address, that will affect your insurance policy.

    What is a Temporary Adjustment?

    A temporary adjustment is best described as an adjustment made to your policy mid-term, which only lasts for a limited time period. For example, a young driver coming home from university for the Christmas holidays and getting added to a parent’s policy for two weeks is a temporary adjustment.

    How many Temporary Adjustments can I do per year?

    You will need to refer back to your own specific insurer, as each insurer may differ.

    What is the difference in a Temporary Substitution and a courtesy car?

    A temporary substitution and courtesy car would be classed as the same temporary change on a policy.

    Why do I have to pay extra for a Temporary Substitution?

    As we are a broker, we work with a number of insurers. Each insurer will have different guidelines when it comes to covering a temporary substitution.

    There is no set price that will cover all the insurers, each insurer will have a different fee and some may not have any.

  • Making a Change to my Policy

    Change of Address/Marital Status/Job

    I have moved house, do I need to inform my insurance company?

    Yes, we need to know this, as the insurance needs to match against where the car is kept (what we call the risk address). Don’t forget that you will also have to update the address on your driving licence if you have moved.


    I am moving to university during weekdays, do I need to inform my insurance company?

    Yes, if your car is kept at a different address to where the insurance is registered for more than half of the week (3 days or more), we need to know, as the insurance must match against where the car is kept the majority of the time (what we call the risk address).


    I live between my two parents’ houses, which do I insure at?

    You need to be insured at the property where the car is kept the majority of the time (3 days or more of the week) and your driving licence must also be registered to this address.


    I have a secondary occupation; do I need to inform my insurance company

    Yes, you must notify us of this as it will affect your insurance policy.


    If I get married, do I need to inform my insurance company?

    Yes, the name on your insurance policy should match the name on your driving licence.


    Can my parents /spouse discuss my policy?

    Another person can discuss your policy only if you have given prior authorisation to us for them to do so. We would note this on your policy.

    Change of car

    How do I change my car?

    You can phone our Customer Service team who handle all changes of vehicles. Please make sure you have the full vehicle details to hand.


    If I change my car, do I have to get a new policy?   

    No, the change will be processed on your existing policy. There may be an additional or return premium depending on the group of the new car, vehicle age and value. We will issue a new insurance certificate when the change is fully processed.


    My car is off the road and I am getting a new car next month, is that ok?

    Depending on your insurer, it will vary on how long they will allow. For example, some insurers may allow approximately up to 7 days to replace the vehicle.

    Travelling Abroad

    Can I drive my car abroad?

    Whether you are covered to drive abroad depends on each individual policy and differs for each insurer. Check the terms and conditions of your policy and always check with your insurer if you aren’t sure.

Claims Assistance

  • Make a Claim

    How do I make a claim?

    At ChilliDrive, we use local accident management company Customer Claims Assist (CCA) for claims.

    The CCA team are here to help you every step of the way, providing you with the best service in what can be very stressful circumstances.

    For help, advice or if you need to make a new claim, you can call CCA 24/7 on 08000 28 28 70.

    If you need to speak with CCA about a claim that you have already reported, please call us Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm ex bank holidays) on 08000 28 28 70.

  • Windscreen Help

    What to do?

    Our claims team are here to assist you in the event you need to replace/repair your windscreen.

    In order to help you as quickly as possible, please call us on 08000 28 28 70 and advise that you are a ChilliDrive customer.

  • Breakdown Help

    What to do?

    If you have purchased Breakdown cover when taking out your insurance policy, you can call our Breakdown team 24/7 all year round on 08000 28 28 70

    Please note, no cover will be in force unless you have purchased Breakdown cover.

    This cover offers assistance if your vehicle cannot be driven as a result of an accident, mechanical breakdown, fire, theft or any attempted theft, punctures requiring assistance, wheel replacement, lost or stolen keys, keys broken in the lock or if incorrect fuel is used.

    Terms and Conditions apply. See policy handbook for more information.