Terms and Conditions

App Terms of Use

At AbbeyAutoline Insurance, we aim to deliver the best possible service to you as a ChilliDrive user.

For the purposes of fulfilling the app contract, as a user and policyholder, you will need to share a certain amount of information and data with us. You can find out about how we will use your data in our Privacy Policy.

By using the ChilliDrive app, you are in agreement with the below terms of use and we ask that you use the app responsibly. If you disagree with any of the terms, please remove the app from your phone and call the ChilliDrive Support Team if you are a policyholder to discuss your decision.

  1. Downloading: Download the app by searching for ‘ChilliDrive+’ in the relevant app store and download directly from there.

  2. Registration: Prior to attempting to log in, you must purchase a telematics insurance policy from AbbeyAutoline Insurance and complete the registration process with an AbbeyAutoline Insurance adviser who will create a ChilliDrive profile for you. When this step has been completed, log in to the app by entering the mobile number registered to your ChilliDrive profile.  A six-digit PIN will be sent to you via SMS; enter the PIN into the app to log in. Please ensure you use the same details as provided for your policy and keep us informed of any changes. You are responsible for keeping your login details safe and secure and you must immediately inform AbbeyAutoline Insurance if you believe other parties have discovered your login details. 

  3. Network connection: For the app to function, you need to ensure that you have a smartphone with an active SIM card, available credit and connection to a mobile network. You must ensure that Location and GPS tracking are enabled at all times to facilitate full functionality of the app including the map display feature, GPS co-ordinates and tracking. If no GPS satellite signal is detected, GPS co-ordinates will not be detected, and trips may not be recorded. You also need to ensure that you are connected to the internet via WiFi or a 3/4G when uploading photos and videos as required. Please be aware that upload of image or video files may contain large amounts of data and it is recommended to upload via WiFi in order to avoid additional charges.  AbbeyAutoline Insurance is not liable for any costs associated with call/data credit charges, or lack of connectivity due to network failures which may affect app functionality.  AbbeyAutoline Insurance will be provided with the status of your Bluetooth and WiFi after each time you access the app and/or record a journey.

  4. Pairing Bluetooth and other settings: Your smartphone must be paired with the Beacon using Bluetooth – see instructions during setup of the ChilliDrive app on how to pair your Beacon. Bluetooth must always be enabled to ensure the Auto-start facility is initiated to start recording each trip. PUSH notifications for ChilliDrive must be enabled to allow Support Alerts and Trip feedback to be notified.  Low Power Mode must not be enabled prior to driving as this may disable essential app settings and result in no trip data recording for your journey. Dashcam users will be required to ensure that WiFi is always enabled on their smartphone and that a successful connection is established with the Dashcam WiFi network prior to driving.  Your location will be tracked via GPS when a clip is saved. GPS tracking is constant and sent to us automatically. When using the App, you will be required to provide explicit consent before we can track your location.

  5. Beacon: A Beacon will be posted directly to you from head office within 3 working days of you purchasing your policy. When the Beacon is received, please follow the instructions on the ChilliDrive app to pair within 7 days.

It is recommended that to receive the optimum signal strength between the beacon and your phone, it should be placed on the dashboard, console or cupholder and the phone placed in a safe and unconcealed area.

The beacon must be used continuously, and if two or more instances of non-use are recorded, the insurer will reserve the right to withdraw cover.  The manual initiation of trips should only be used in the event of Beacon malfunction or when authorised by the Support Team to do so.

  1. Dashcam (applicable only to Dashcam users): The Dashcam will be posted directly to you from head office within 3 working days of you purchasing your policy. When the Dashcam is received, please follow the instructions on the ChilliDrive app to connect within 7 days.  The Dashcam must be operational and connected to a power supply for all journeys, unless local law of the geographical territory that the policyholder is driving in does not permit the use of a Dashcam.  The Dashcam must only be used with the ChilliDrive app - do not be pair the Dashcam with the MIO app.  The settings on the Dashcam must remain unchanged and the SD Card must always remain in the device.  In the event of an incident and your app is not in operation, you must pair your smartphone with the dashcam to download the video footage.  If this is not possible you must supply AbbeyAutoline Insurance with the SD card and/or footage recorded by the Dashcam.  Please contact ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or by email at support@chillidrive.com who will guide you through supplying the footage.

The Dashcam, including power cable and accessories, must not be placed in a position that will obstruct the line of sight of the driver.  In the event of your car is undergoing repairs and an alternative vehicle has been supplied to you for a period of 24 hours or more, the Dashcam must be transferred to this vehicle during this time.  If you complete a permanent change of vehicle on your policy, the Dashcam must be transferred to the new vehicle within 24 hours of purchasing the vehicle.  The Dashcam must not be loaned or gifted to another person at any point of the duration of your policy.  

  1. Dashcam Troubleshooting: If for any reason your Dashcam stops working or functioning correctly, please contact ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or by email at support@chillidrive.com who will guide you through troubleshooting.  If the Dashcam is no longer operational due to a fault that is recognised by the manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee policy, AbbeyAutoline Insurance will organise a repair or replacement.  You must return your device, along with proof of receipt, all accessories and the original packaging, to AbbeyAutoline Insurance by contacting ChilliDrive Support who will advise you of the return’s procedure.  If the Dashcam sustains damage and/or is not functional due to any reason that is not covered under the warranties and guarantees issued by the manufacturer, a replacement Dashcam must be purchased by you from AbbeyAutoline Insurance within 24 hours at the then current product price.  You must continue to record your trips as normal during this time and all other terms of use will apply.  If a replacement Dashcam is not purchased, the insurer reserves the right to withdraw cover.

If your Dashcam is stolen from your vehicle, you must contact the police and notify them of the crime.  There is no cover under private car insurance for a Dashcam, however, if your vehicle has been vandalised or broken in to please contact our claims department for further advice.  In addition, you must contact ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or email support@chillidrive.com to advise that the Dashcam will not be in operation.  A replacement Dashcam must be purchased by you from AbbeyAutoline Insurance within 24 hours at the current product price.

  1. Dashcam Footage: In the instance that a Dashcam event is recorded and it is safe for you to do so, you must ensure your smartphone remains near to the Dashcam until the footage has successfully downloaded from your Dashcam to your smartphone.  If it is unsafe to stay by your vehicle, or you are unable to do so at the time of the event, within 24 hours you must complete the video download process by returning to your vehicle or alternatively by connecting the Dashcam device to a power supply close to your smartphone.  If you are not able to return to the vehicle, or bring the Dashcam to your phone to pair, the incident footage can be supplied to AbbeyAutoline Insurance by retrieving the SD card from the Dashcam and contacting ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or by email to support@chillidrive.com.  If for any reason you are unable to pair your smartphone with the Dashcam device, download the footage successfully, or retrieve your SD card please contact Support an additional excess of up to £1000 may be applied to your claim.  If there is a collision, make sure you do not delete any footage of it, as it could explain how the collision happened, and may need be shown to third parties involved in any legal action. This is a legal requirement for claims made against your policy or others. Also, you can't unreasonably withhold the footage in any civil or criminal action as you might be asked to disclose it as part of a court order.    

The ChilliDrive app will locally store the ten most recent videos downloaded from the Dashcam within the app on the phone.  These videos will be available for download to the camera roll. You must ensure that you have adequate storage on your smartphone to ensure footage can be downloaded from the Dashcam.  When you have eleven or more video events downloaded from your Dashcam, the earliest footage will be deleted from the local storage on the phone and this footage will be available for viewing via a live stream from the server and will no longer be storable to the camera roll.  If you have selected ‘Upload via WiFi’ in your User Account settings, you must upload your footage from your phone to AbbeyAutoline Insurance by connecting your smartphone to a suitable WiFi network within 24 hours of the Dashcam event.  If you are unable to do so, please contact ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or email support@chillidrive.com.  The settings on the Dashcam will be defaulted to disable audio recording.  If you manually amend your settings to record audio you will accept that AbbeyAutoline Insurance will receive all audio recorded via the dashcam when the video footage is uploaded.  You must not delete the ChilliDrive app from your smartphone before all pending footage uploads have completed as this will delete the footage.  AbbeyAutoline Insurance will act on the your behalf to provide the insurer with access to all uploaded footage at the their request.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this policy you are giving consent for all dashcam footage recorded via the dashcam during the policy term to be automatically uploaded via the ChilliDrive app to the hosting servers used by AbbeyAutoline Insurance.

  1. Photo verification: You need to complete this on the app and there are 16 photos in total to upload as insurers need this when policy is taken out. Photographs containing your number plate will be used to verify your policy registration details and if additional/alternative photos from the uploaded photos are required, we will require you to retake them. If not uploaded, we have then the right to cancel your policy. The app will be able to record the time, date and GPS location of each of the photographs you upload to the app and we will be able to use this as part of the car and ID verification process.

  2. Scoring: Your profile score will be continually updated, and the latest details will be notified to you by email on a monthly basis. You will also be able to view your latest profile score on the profile section of your App, with access available to a detailed summary in the Score Summary section. If at any time, your overall profile score falls below 30, your insurance company reserves the right to withdraw cover.  Your overall driving behaviour will be taken into consideration when assessing your profile score for the purposes of monitoring your driving behaviour in accordance with the terms of your policy and/or any other ChilliDrive telematics policy on which you are a named driver. 

  3. Mileage: A minimum of 100 miles will be required before a profile score is recorded.

  4. Trips: We require a round trip to be completed at least once per week. If you will not be using your car for a period of time you must book a Time-Out via the app, let our support team know via the Chat facility or by emailing support@chillidrive.com, or by ringing 028 3025 9047.

  5. Time-out Management: The Time-out Management facility will allow you to notify us of date ranges that you will knowingly not be driving your vehicle. During this time, AbbeyAutoline Insurance will cease communications with you relating to non-use of the app.  If you drive your vehicle during a time-out, remember to edit or cancel the time-out booking in advance.  All other terms of use will apply throughout the duration of a time-out booking.

  6. Monitoring: At any time, we can request a copy of your milometer to verify if all trips are being recorded. Please note trips are regularly reviewed to ensure trip continuity is maintained. A Chaining Distance is calculated on each trip that you record and is dependent on the distance from the end point of your previous journey to the start point of your current journey.  The maximum acceptable chaining distance from the end point of your previous journey to the start point of your current journey is 1km.  Please note that if at any time you have exceeded the acceptable Chaining Distance based on less than 80% of your trips your cover may be affected.

  7. Extreme Speeding: An extreme speeding event is defined as an event where the road speed limit has been exceeded. An extreme speeding event may result in cancellation of your policy.

  8. Policy Cancellation: Failure to pair beacon and Dashcam (if applicable), download app & continual recording of trips will result in cancellation of your policy. We need to advise you, if you have had a policy cancelled you may find it difficult to get a policy at a later stage.

  9. Policy Excess: In the event that an accident occurs when the insured driver’s mobile device is not switched on and/or the app is not activated and in operation and/or no Dashcam footage has not been uploaded, an additional excess of £1000 will apply to any claim. This excess is in addition to any other excesses shown in the policy document or on your policy schedule or in any other endorsement applying to this insurance.

  10. Additional Drivers: All named drivers under the age of 25 years must use the ChilliDrive app when driving the insureds vehicle. You, as the policyholder, are responsible for notifying all named drivers who are required to use the ChilliDrive app and Dashcam (if applicable) of any change to policy cover, or of the termination of the policy.  Any named drivers who must use the ChilliDrive app under the terms of use of the policy are aware that as a minimum, information regarding their profile score will be shared with the policyholder, and any other telematics policyholders of policies that they are insured under with AbbeyAutoline Insurance.

  11. App support: You are accountable for your app and you agree to check your trips, ensure all journeys are recorded and that the Beacon and Dashcam are connected at all times when driving. If you notice any issues with connecting to your Dashcam or Beacon, or experience issues with Dashcam recording, you must report immediately any errors to ChilliDrive Support on 028 3025 9047, via the in-app Chat or support@chillidrive.com

  12. User privileges: The app supports different levels of user memberships and each affords differing levels of access. A ‘Registered user’ is someone who has registered an account on the app and this class of user can upload content. A ‘Customer’ is a class of user who is a ChilliDrive policyholder and who has access to product and customer support.

  13. Liability: In no circumstances will AbbeyAutoline Insurance or its suppliers be liable for any loss and/or damage caused by the use or misuse of the app, including the use of or sharing of Dashcam footage. AbbeyAutoline Insurance and its associated suppliers are not liable for injury/death as a result of the operation, non-operation, use or mis-use of the app and it’s features. AbbeyAutoline Insurance will not be held liable for any damage caused to the vehicle during the installation of the Dashcam. 

  14. Copyright: By using the ChilliDrive app you agree that you will not infringe any copyright, trade secret, patent or trademark of any third party and will comply with any license relating to the content and comply with their end user terms.

  15. Legal: The ChilliDrive app is owned and operated by AbbeyAutoline Insurance Direct Insurance Consultants Limited, registered in Northern Ireland at 10 Governors Place, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, BT38 7BN. AbbeyAutoline Insurance is a trading name of Autoline Direct Insurance Consultants Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – 300071.

  16. Security: As a user you must be over the age of 16 years of age to use the app. You will not break any existing security protocols applied to the app or its associated systems. You are responsible for the information you upload into the app and any harm it may cause and will not upload anything that contains any harmful data including viruses, worms, malware or Trojan horses nor will it be part of a scam or illegal activity and will not invite others to commit legal acts.

  17. Governing Law: Your access to the app shall be governed by the laws of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and all legal correspondence shall be in English.