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Can’t cope without your stuff? Maybe you should get yourself some Gadget insurance.


Posted on 14/11/17

Christmas is now just around the corner, which means parties, food and - maybe most importantly of all - PRESENTS!!

But imagine the sheer horror of opening that lovely new smartphone on Christmas morning only for it to be dropped and smashed to pieces mere days later! :(

A banjaxed phone is bad enough, but if your car insurance also needs a phone to record your journeys then that just ain’t going to be an option.

The thing is, they’re so vulnerable! 

Our smartphones go everywhere with us, including (especially) the loo. And it only takes one moment of carelessness to send it sailing into the toilet bowl, or to leave it in a taxi after a New Years Eve night out, or even to have a sneaky thief pluck it from your back pocket.

We tend to think of insurance being a waste of money, but we have a pretty sharpish change of tune if we need to use it.

Because of all that, we are now offering Gadget insurance to all our existing ChilliDrive customers to protect your gadgets from being lost or stolen, as well as covering for accidental damage and mechanical breakdown. Perfect for the Xmas season!

Plus it’s not just for phones!

You can cover Digital cameras, portable games consoles, MP3 players, Tablets, Video Cameras, Sat Navs, iPods, e-readers and more so long as they’re under 18 months old; you bought it new; and you have proof of ownership*

If your gadget is less than 12 months old, you will get a brand new equivalent replacement , and if it is 12-24 months old then you get a repair or refurbishment! Yippeee!

You can take out our Gadget insurance for less than £62 for the year**

Terms and Conditions of course apply***

Call our Chillidrive team to find out the details on 028 300 50 111

  • Auction Site purchase note acceptable
  • ** Including insurance premium tax, excludes Broker fee
  • *** Which are available on request

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