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Tips for getting back to learning

Summer is over, and for many the big return to school, college or university beckons. We know it probably feels like a lifetime since you have been in your classrooms or lecture halls, and the thought of returning could be one of excitement or indeed…slight dread.

Below we have some simple tips to help you get settled back into learning and begin to adapt to the new normal.

1. Prepare for your return

Prepare and embrace the return. If you are prepared you will naturally feel ready to return. This is a good time to set yourself some goals to help keep you focused on what it is you want to achieve this term and year ahead. It could be something such as being more organised, applying yourself more to a subject you find challenging or working towards those grades you aspire to achieve.

2. Establish a routine 

Getting back into a daily routine can be tricky at first but it sets your day out on the right track so try your best to stick to it. This includes everything from the time you waken to your bedtime. Sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you have sufficient sleep to conquer the day ahead and keep to your routine.

3. Use a timetable / schedule

It is important you plan your day / week ahead to include all aspects from studying, work, exercise to spending time with family and friends. It is also very important to take some time to yourself and do something you enjoy. It is a true saying “if you write it down you will make it happen” so this is where your timetable will come in. For example, if you typically find studying time difficult to fit in make sure you allocate certain times to this in the evenings or at the weekend and work round these times.

4. Bring exercise into your daily plans

Exercising is very good way to distract yourself from all the busy pressures of life. It is a great stress release and a key component for healthy wellbeing. Exercising can encompass anything from a leisurely walk or gentle jog to a gym workout. It is a great way to out for a break and clear your head in order to help you focus on your learning / studying when you return.

5. Take your time

It will take a little bit of time to readjust, whether it is school, college or university. Things are likely to be very different in the learning environment with social distancing rules and revised procedures to adhere to and much more. Don’t feel you have to rush things or make everything happen straight away – be patient with yourself and remember to breathe. Take things as they come, embrace the new term and new normal.

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