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Top 5 Phone Life Hacks

So smart phones are pretty much the greatest invention of all time. Sliced bread ain’t got nothing on the iPhone. We all have them and we couldn't live without them, right?

But for all the time we spend surgically attached at the wrist to our precious devices, chances are we probably aren’t really making the most of them.

Here are our Top 5 Phone Life Hacks that could make you the Bear Grylls of modern life:

1. Think of all the texts you send. Think of all the full stop and space bar combos you’ve typed in all your life. That shiz takes a mini micro second every time.

But what if we told you that double tapping the space bar fills in the full stop and a space for you! How much easier does that make life!?! Try it out on your phone...right now!! 

2. So you’re the only one in the squad with Spotify premium and you wanna get a vibe going with your awesome tunes. If the max volume on your phone speakers just isn’t cutting it, prepare to crank those tunes up to eleven with this nifty hack. Put your phone in a large glass or a bowl and this will reverberate the sound and make it travel farther essentially making it seem louder.  

3. If you’ve ever found yourself dropping your phone on your own face watching Netflix then this is the hack for you. Use your sunglasses as a makeshift phone holder! No DIY required and you can free your hands up for more important things .... like eating crisps.

4. If you want to use the Instagram filter on your pics but don’t want post them online, put your phone onto airplane mode. The perfected images will automatically download to your camera roll without having to waste data uploading them.

5. This is the best thing ever for camping! If you need to have a makeshift lamp, turn on the torch function on your phone, then place a full water bottle on top of your phone. The water will refract the light creating a nice atmospheric glow.

Also, did you know you can use it to like actually phone people. Madness, I know.

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