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Would You Drive Your Car Without Insurance

Would you drive your car if you didn’t have insurance? If you’re in any way the sensible sort, then the answer to that question should be no, absolutely not.

But it’s a sad and shocking fact that, according to the Motor Insurers Bureau, one out of every four young drivers in the UK has considered driving without insurance – mostly because they want to avoid spending money.

We get it. Insurance for young drivers can be expensive and money’s tight but it is definitely in the top 10 of bad ideas! 

Why is that?

It’s stupid, it’s immature and it poses a serious risk to your well being. 

Now, as we’ve pointed out before, it’s important to remember that not all young drivers are bad drivers, but young people are statistically more likely to die in a preventable road crash than from any other cause.

A large part of this is due to the fact that younger drivers – particularly lads – can over-estimate their driving ability and take unnecessary, impulsive risks. If you’re the sort of person that reckons they can chance driving with no insurance, then you’re likely the sort of person who reckons they can get away with driving above the speed limit too.

That’s bad news for them and, crucially, bad news for you if you’re riding shotgun with them. You don’t even have to know how to drive to be a victim of driving without insurance.

So, what happens if I'm caught with no insurance?

The police tend to take a pretty dim view of uninsured drivers – if you’re caught, you’ll receive a hefty £300 fine and, more importantly, six penalty points on your licence.

If you’ve passed your test within the past two years, that means you’ll automatically be issued with a driving ban and will lose your licence altogether.

Police also have the ability to confiscate your car and will charge you £20 a day to keep it locked up, plus an additional £150 to recover it.

If you were previously uninsured and you want to pick up your car, you’ll likely find it extremely difficult to get insurance. Even if you do manage to get insurance, you’ll face higher premiums for years to come.

Oh, and if you don’t pick up your car within 14 days? Yeah, the cops will crush it into a neat little cube. Cute.

But young driver insurance is soooo expensive?!

We know it can be, but the only way to properly protect yourself is to purchase the proper car insurance.

Lucky for you we also have a solution in the form of our ChilliDrive policy! By using telematics and GPS technology, ChilliDrive builds up a picture of your driving style and gives you tips, feedback and guidance on how you can improve as a driver.

Best of all, it requires no installation like other ‘black box’ telematics policies and you can get big savings up-front on the cost of your car insurance.

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