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Top 4 Basic Checks For New Car Owners

Here we have some need-to-know basics for new car owners!

The first time you take control of a vehicle can be pretty exciting but also a terrifying experience, especially when you’re not use to the mechanics of the car. Whether you’re a rookie and driving for the first time or a mature driver and bought a new motor, there a few tips to consider before you put the key in the ignition and drive off into the sunset. 


You’re in this new car and it looks like your fuel is running low, so you pull over at a service station – que the stress! What side is the fuel pump on? What fuel do I use?

What side is the fuel cap on?

A little tip, before you physically get out and check, is to look at the fuel symbol on your dashboard. You will hopefully see an arrow that points to the right or left of the icon. This should indicate which side the fuel cap is on.

What fuel do I put in?

Getting this wrong can lead to some really big problems for your motor. You can seriously damage your car by putting diesel into a petrol car or vice versa. It will not only mean you may stop dead once you start driving which can be really dangerous but it can also be a pretty hefty repair bill – as the mechanic will have to first; drain the fuel tank but they might also have to clean or replace the entire fuel system which can be a pretty hefty repair bill!


Every time you get into another car, you should always adjust your seat appropriately. Move your seat back if your legs are bent too much and by keeping your knees slightly bent will prevent knee pain. It’s also a good idea to raise your seat up until your hips are level with your knees. Finally, move your headrest so the back of your head is centred in the middle.


Mirrors are so important as they broaden your view and they are integral part of driving, allowing you to see what’s happening behind and around you. Firstly, you should adjust your inside mirror attached to your windscreen. When correcting this mirror, you should keep in mind that you should only be moving your eyes, not your head to use the mirror.

When checking your exterior mirrors, ensure that you should only see a small portion of the side of your car in your left mirror.

Top Tip

Set your left mirror slightly lower than the right so you have a better view of the kerb.


You’re in your new motor and it’s getting dark, but you don’t know how to navigate your lights?  Not fun! It’s important to locate them and know how to work them before you’ve hit the road. Check your headlights, both low and high beams, as well as your hazard and fog lights.

It’s a good idea to ensure that the salesman has thoroughly demonstrated how to operate the car and its accessories.

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