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7 Epic Star Wars Car Accessories Every Fan Of The Last Jedi Needs


Posted on 14/12/17

Merchandise has always been as synonymous with Star Wars as the Force itself; its creator George Lucas actually made more money from the sale of toys than he ever did from the films themselves!

If it exists, you can likely find a version of it that’s got Star Wars branding on it. There’s Star Wars clothing, Star Wars musical instruments and even Star Wars-branded adult nappies.. Er, yeah

Moving swiftly on, there’s also loads of cool merch available for your car. With The Last Jedi out in cinemas this week, we thought we’d whip up a list of the coolest Star Wars car accessories available now!

1. Star Wars Floor Mats

The Last Jedi release date

Especially in the winter, it’s easy for mud, road grime and other goop to get tramped into the carpets and make a real bantha’s ear of your car interior.

So why not protect it with some nice Star Wars-themed rubber floor mats? You can choose between Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper; oddly no rebel-themed mats are available, but then we guess it kinda fits with the whole protective armour vibe…?

Because they’re rubber instead of fabric, you don’t have to waste time getting the vacuumed or steam-cleaned to rid yourself of grime. Just shake ‘em out, hose ‘em down if needs be and then you’re good to go!

Find them on Amazon here

2. Stormtrooper Gearknob

Who is Snoke

When it comes to novelty gear knobs, we’ve seen all sorts: billiard balls, samurai sword handles, gun grips. But for the true Star Wars fan, the obvious choice is this Stormtrooper helmet.

Your passengers will immediately take notice of your fealty to the Empire, and it comes with all the mounting screws, bobbins and other bits that means you can stick it onto your gear lever with minimal work.

There’s also a Darth Vader available, but it tends to be much more expensive. Who’s got the time or the money for that sith, eh?

Find it on Amazon here

3. R2-D2 USB Charger

Who are Rey's parents

Let’s be honest, you’re only reading this article because you saw the picture of this amazing R2-D2 USB charger, right? No harm, because it’s possibly the single coolest piece of Star Wars merch currently on the market!

This 5 ½-inch tall replica of the galaxy’s most heroic litter bin plugs into your car’s 12V socket and sits in your cupholder, where you can use him to charge up to two USB devices at once.

It gets better than that, though: his head rotates and lights up and he even whistles and beeps when your device starts charging! Beep-boo-weeeow indeed!

Find it on Amazon here

4. Luke Skywalker Sunshade

does luke turn evil

Sunshades are great. In the summer, they help keep your car cool and stop your dashboard getting as hot as the Death Star’s reactor core. In the winter, you can use them to cover up your windscreen and stop it from freezing over like the icy surface of Hoth.

Speaking of Hoth, the only thing that’ll make a sunshade, ahem, cooler, is one that makes it look like your car’s being driven by Luke Skywalker in full snowspeeder pilot gear?!

Although we can’t say it’ll reduce your insurance costs, it might even protect your car from being broken into. After all, who would chance stealing a car that has the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi master sitting in the driver’s seat?!

Find it on Amazon here

5. Star Wars Decals

the last jedi spoilers

Decals are a must-have for anyone looking to personalise their vehicle, and there’s no shortage of cool Star Wars decals available on the internet.

Ranging from simple logos to JDM-lookalike stickers and the brilliantly nerd-tastic ‘This Car Made The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs’ decal, they’re all a better than ‘Powered by Fairydust’, that’s for sure.

Find them on Amazon here

6. Star Wars Licence Plate Holder

the last jedi plot

If you like your Star Wars swag a little more on the subtle side of the Force, why not opt for a licence plate holder fitted with a reference to or classic line from the films?

Our personal favourite is the one that declares ‘My other ride is the Millennium Falcon’, but there’s tonnes of available options out there.

It should be noted that most of these won’t be compatible with UK and European-spec licence plates, however it still makes a great gift and is perfect particularly if you’re the owner of a Star Wars-themed show car. 

Find them on Amazon here

7. USB-powered Darth Vader Lightsaber

darth vader the last jedi

This is definitely one of those purchases that you justify with a “Why not?” rather than an actual solid reason, but come on… It’s a USB-powered lightsaber, you guys!!

Technically it’s supposed to be used as a lamp or light, but we’ll pass no judgement if you’re tempted to engage in a bit of swordplay while sat in the drive-thru. And you will be… You will be

Find it on Amazon here

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