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Posted on 06/12/17

Indulgence goes hand in hand with the Christmas season! 

For the entire month of December, the answer to the question ‘Do you want whipped cream with that?’ will be Yes….. A thousand times Yes. 


But some serious foodie geniuses have taken Christmas much to a whole other level, coming up with delightful creations to make the heart sing. 

Exhibit A:


This truly inspired innovation has been taking Christmas Markets by storm this year with people queuing round the block to get their chops on this savory sensation.

What you are looking at are all of the elements of a roast dinner: meat, veg, rosaries, stuffing & gravy; placed on top of a fresh Yorkshire pudding that’s wrapped up into a perfect little parcel you can eat in your hand. 

Exhibit B:


Because bigger equal better when it comes to Christmas Food, Appetite Butchery in London have developed this ginormous sausage roll that could easily feed your extended family on Christmas Day.

Let’s break this Sausage Mountain down to its vital stats:

16m of streaky bacon rashers
10kg of pork sausages
2 Cumberland Rings
Feeds 24

That’s a lot of meat! 

At £140, it’s not cheap…. But my gosh is it magnificent.

Exhibit C:


Asda sure know how to party! They have released this mammoth masterpiece of an eclair that will be available from December until Christmas in their Stores.

If we peel back the light choux pastry shell, you will find this eclair filled with fluffy Belgian chocolate mousse, sticky caramel sauce and topped with chocolate fondant. 

At six times the size of your standard eclair, this is definitely one for sharing, and at only £5 you would be happy to spread the love.

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