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Fancy A Halloween Road Trip? Here’s The 7 Most Haunted Spots In Northern Ireland


Posted on 30/10/17

Fireworks displays and Hocus Pocus repeats not doing it for you? Maybe you’ll get a kick out of packing the car up with a few mates and heading for a Halloween road trip this year instead!

Northern Ireland is home to a massive catalogue of paranormal sites, reports and activities, from disembodied spirits to demonic dogs.

If you’ve got a restless soul of your own and a thirst for adventure, here’s a list of the most haunted spots in NI this year that are only a short drive away!

Newcastle Harbour, Newcastle

Newcastle Harbour is something of a hotspot for paranormal sightings, with the area said to be haunted by several spirits and even a ghostly black dog with eyes of blazing fire.

According to local legend, there’s also a banshee – believed to be the spirit of a woman whose husband was drowned in a fishing disaster back in 1843 – who walks silently among the boats resting in the harbour.

York Road Station, Belfast

Railway stations seem to be a common place for ghost sightings, and the disused York Road railway station in Belfast is home to a number of reported paranormal happenings.

Stories tell of a man who was beaten to death during an attempted robbery at the station, and it’s believed his spirit is responsible for sightings of a ghostly figure sitting in the station’s canteen at night and the sound of disembodied footsteps.

Antrim Castle, Antrim

Antrim Castle and the castle grounds which surround it are steeped in myth and mystery, with a number of hauntings and supernatural sightings reported by dozens of people over the years.

Most famous is the White Lady, reportedly the spirit of a woman who died during the fire which destroyed the castle in 1922, which haunts the castle grounds.

Witnesses have also reported a ghostly carriage pulled by a team of four horses that reportedly appears on 31st May every year. The apparition is said to sink into a pond in the grounds, drowning all on board.

Roe Valley Hospital, Limavady

A former workhouse, Roe Valley Hospital hit the headlines a few years ago when a security guard working there captured the image of what’s reported to be a ghostly nurse holding a baby on CCTV.

In the past, there has been reports of the sound of crying babies and sightings of ghostly men and women in uniform around the area.

Bruce’s Cave, Rathlin Island

Scottish king Robert the Bruce famously sought refuge in a cave on Rathlin Island in 1306, and the so-called Bruce’s Cave has been the sight of several supernatural apparitions since.

Most recent is the story of a group of fishermen who settled in the cave for a break. As the fishermen brewed tea, a mysterious hand appeared out of the darkness and placed another cup on the boulder. All the men saw the hand but daren’t look up at its source.

Once the extra cup was filled, the story goes, the hand snatched the cup and withdrew back into the blackness.

Ballygally Castle, Ballygally

Now a hotel, Ballygally Castle on the North Coast was originally built as a fortress in the 17th century, and is historically one of the most haunted sites in Northern Ireland. Numerous ghosts are said to walk the castle’s corridors, most famously that of Lady Isobel Shaw.

A former resident who was locked in her room to starve by her husband, she fell to her death attempting to escape through the window and her spirit is now said to knock on the hotel’s doors before disappearing.

Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast

Built in 1845 to house the city’s criminals, Crumlin Road Gaol was a fully-functioning prison right up until 1996 and has seen its fair share of paranormal sightings over the years.

Visitors commonly report hearing disembodied voices, supposedly those executed inmates, while a painter helping to renovate the prison had a photograph taken in the execution room later discovered a ghostly face next to his.

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