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7 better ways to spend your money this Valentine’s day


Posted on 12/02/18

Not only do a dozen red roses cost the guts of fifty quid, they're also kinda lame in this day and age. There's got to be a better way to spend that cash this Valentine's Day, right?!

1. DIY

Roses, love hearts, pugs and kisses? No. Just no. Ditch all the commercial shizz and DIY your Valentine’s like a boss! Handwritten note? How thoughtful! Picnic for two? You old romantic. ;) Homemade chocolates? Well maybe that’s a bit much effort but you get the idea...

2. Entertainment

Get your date a subscription and you’ll be seriously killing it this V-Day. Spotify, Netflix or Audible all make seriousy awesome gifts.

"But what if we split up?!" I hear you cry. First of all, don't be so pessimistic. Secondly, subscriptions start from as little as 3 months so if you’re not that into it, subscribe for the minimum and see how it goes. #nojudgement

3. Lunch

Valentines night in restaurants is crazy busy and can be pretty nauseating if, like us, you have a low tolerance for yuck. Be smart and head for lunch instead. It‘ll be about half the price and you probably won’t even need to book a table!

4. Movies

It’s a classic, the old cinema date, but that doesn't mean it has to be a cliche. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s fingers grazing in La La Land is more tension than I can actually stand. Rom-coms on a date can be a total cringe-fest, so head to a horror movie instead and pretend to be scared. Guaranteed hugs. 

5. Go for a spin

There‘s some crazy-good spots in NI to go for a spin. Lagan towpath, Spelga Dam, Downhill Beach, Lough Erne where you can have a walk around with all the hand-holding and wistful-looking–into-the-distance you could want. Show them you care, with a bag of chips on the way home and you’ll be seriously crushing it. 

6. Amusements

Liquidate that cash into coinage and hit the amusements and arcade. Seaside towns like Portrush and Newcastle are *amazing* for stuff like this. While away the afternoon, 50p at a time playing air hockey, basketball, whack-a-mole or that thing with all the horses… Now shut up and take my money!

7. Adventure

True, love can make your heart beat faster. But you know what else can? Adrenaline! Hit the adventure centre for a mountain biking – rock climbing –zip lining hella good time…. Just maybe bring some spare pants, cos, ya’ know….

Whatever you do and whoever you spend it with, have a brilliant Valentine's day. 

You're Awesome!

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