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5 Reasons to start driving in 2018


Posted on 02/01/18

Ahhh, smell that? That’s the open road, my friend. Breathe it in!

Driving is the best. Nothing else comes close in its ability to relax, entertain, provide convenience and independence. If you’re not driving yet, here’s some of the best reasons to get on the road this year!

1. Go wherever, whenever…

Let’s be honest, very few big adventures begin on an Ulsterbus. Get your first car, set your own timetable and go wherever the road takes you!


2. Kick-start your career

When you start applying for jobs, you’ll see ‘must have access to car’ creeping up everywhere. In a big city you can probably get away with using public transport but if you are even remotely rural, then your options are pretty limited.
Being able to drive will be a great addition to your C.V. and help kick start your career

3. Self Driving Cars aren’t happening just yet

We are big fans of Elon Musk, but let’s be real, self driving cars are a long way off going mainstream and it will be a long time before we see them scooting about the backroads. Face it – you’re going to need to learn and now’s as good a time as any

4. It's all about the perks

It’s the little things that really make it worthwhile. The wind in your hair on a sunny day. Complete control over the tunes. Never having to call shotgun again … Bliss

5. It’s not a dear as you think!

Telematics have revolutionised car insurance for young drivers. It used to be insurers just assumed young drivers were bad drivers, cos y’know, statistics and stuff. But now, instead of being judged on your idiot peers mistakes, apps like ChilliDrive measure how you drive, and for that you get rewarded with cheaper insurance! 

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