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Packing Checklist for Uni ✅

It’s hard to know what exactly to bring to university, but the best advice is to travel light and only pack key essentials.

Key Categories 

1. Important Documents 

2. Kitchen Basics 

3. Bedroom and Bathroom 

4. Electrics and Tech 

5. For your course

Think of the below as mini-checklists that will help you remember everything you need to bring with you and ensure you’re organised for the big moving day!

Important Documents 

Top Tip

If you are moving into rented accommodation off-campus, take some photos before you move in so you can have proof if your landlord decides to dock your deposit when your contract is up even though nothing has been damaged.

Kitchen Basics

It might be a good idea to hold off buying kitchen equipment if you are sharing a flat/house as you might end up with four toasters and three kettles! But there are some essentials you will need:

Bedroom and Bathroom

If you go into accommodation provided by the university, basic bedroom furniture should be provided. Typically, it will include a bed, bedside table, desk, lamp, chair, wardrobe, mirror, curtains and a bin. Even accommodation off-campus may provide some furniture too – it's best to always double check beforehand.

Top Tip

Buy ear plugs. If you are sharing with a group of people who may be out to all hours, it might be useful to invest in a set!

Electrics and Tech

Top Tip

Protect your possessions from all the usual hazards such fire, flood and theft with students contents insurance.

For your course


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