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Not all young drivers are bad drivers!

Young people are more likely to die in a preventable road crash than they are to die from any other single cause.

20% of fatalities are caused by 16-24 year olds with reports showing 1 in 5 young drivers have an accident within their first 12 months of driving.

It’s because of statistics like this that young drivers often face difficulty when it comes to looking for affordable car insurance. It’s also a reason why parents often worry about their children having a crash, and would love to have a way of knowing their child is safe! (Association of British Insurers)

ChilliDrive can help young drivers become safer, smarter drivers!

This innovative smartphone app is based on telematics and GPS technology and it simply measures driving for smoothness, anticipation, cornering and speed. Each journey generates a score with users receiving feedback after each trip is completed.

By providing ongoing mentoring, feedback and guidance, the app acts as an in-car coach, providing simple, constructive feedback and tips on how you can improve your driving.

Young Drivers can also earn big savings by taking out a ChilliDrive policy, compared to a standard private car policy – sometimes as much as £1,500*.

ChilliDrive App recognised at Insurance Times Awards 2015 for its innovation in the industry.
The new ChilliDrive App received industry recognition when awarded the “Broker Innovation” category at the prestigious Insurance Times Awards ceremony in London.

The award is testament to the ground-breaking work that ChilliDrive been invested in within the Telematics insurance sector. Since launching the first telematics product, the “Road-safe Reward App”, ChilliDrive has helped and continues to help thousands of young drivers get on the road with cheaper, smarter insurance. 

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