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Mother’s Day Ideas from Home

With restrictions in place hampering Mother’s Day plans, we just have to get a little creative in our planning so we have 5 things you can do at home – it’s the thought that counts, right?

Create a homemade treat

Who doesn’t love their mums cooking BUT now is your time to say thank you to your mum for all her cooking over the years! Maybe you could recreate one of her special recipes or indeed cook up a storm and make her favourite meal!

Or keep it simple and not burn down the house with:

Home movie day 

As it’s Mother’s Day, let your mum choose one of her favourite films to watch – even if it is a classic like ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ or if she wants to leap into a Netflix binge from the most talked about shows like ‘The Stranger’ or the latest reality romance ‘Love is Blind’.

Relive the memories

Nobody likes seeing cringe worthy family photos from 10 years ago but now would be a lovely time to remember the good times and bring out the boxes of photo albums and relive those special memories with your mum and the whole family. You may also still have a video recorder at home, if so, get it out and watch back the videos of the younger years.

Have a spa day

After all, your mum is probably well overdue a Spa Day so why not create it in her very own home. Get the candles and bath bubbles out, run your mum a scentsational bath with a glass of bubbles or her fav bevvy.

This is your mum’s time to relax and chill for one day, after all, it is well deserved.

Make a homemade gift

Best not to forget her gift to show how much she means to you. Now is time to put those arts and crafts skills to work. You can bring the good times together by creating a thoughtful photo collage or make a bespoke hand-crafted photo frame.

Oh, and don’t forget the card. If you’re running out of ideas of what to say on the front, check some of these fun very apt options:


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