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How to up your Password game

Let’s be honest, there are 2 kind of internet users.

The one who uses one password for everything ..... and that password is some riff on 'Password'.

The other that makes different passwords for everything, forgetting, and spending literally hours of their lives refreshing gmail waiting for a re-set link.

Become a pro at cyber security with this system that will make your passwords more unforgettable than your first crush, and stronger and more unbreakable than a Nokia 3310, (if you are lucky enough to know someone who had one of these).

Here's how to seriously up your password game:

  1. Start with a word that is at least 8 letters long

  2. Make a couple of the letters capitals. Maybe the first letter of each syllable so it's easy to remember

  3. Replace one of the letters with a number

  4. Replace a letter with a symbol

  5. Tailor the password to each site by using the first 2 or 3 letters of the website name

So for Facebook your password could look something like this; FBp@55w04d!

A killer & super-strong password you can apply to any website and that you can figure out with a few seconds thought.

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