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How To Drive In Fog

Fog can be a daunting experience for both new and skilled drivers. It greatly reduces your visibility causing confusion and it can be frightening on unfamiliar roads. Sometimes the best decision is to stay at home until it clears but if you’re caught in it unexpectedly, we have a few tips to keep you right:

Fun Facts about Fog

  1. The Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the driest areas in the world but weirdly enough it experiences a lot of fog moving in from the coast. Local people have built large nets to ‘catch’ the fog. The fog can create 66 litres of water a day.

  2. The Met office have identified an area of the Atlantic Ocean called the “Grand Banks” as the foggiest place in the world. It gets 200 days of fog every year – that’s more than half of the yea

  3. Many of us wonder what the difference between “misty” and “foggy” is and it comes down to how far you can see. If you can see more than 1,000 meters in front of you then it is identified as mist, if it’s thicker and your visibility drops below 1,000 meters, it’s called fog.




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