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How To Change Your Screenwash

Early morning glare and a dirty windscreen will leave you struggling to see where you're going which is pretty important when it comes to driving. 

Your windscreen gets splatted with all sorts of nasty stuff like bird poo, road surface sludge, fly guts, dust and manure...ewww!!

So a hands off solution to keeping it clean is a no-brainer. Changing your screen wash is a 5 minute job, but 30% of motorists don’t know how to do it.

Time to educate yourself and gain a great excuse to open the bonnet and stand around pretending you know stuff about stuff. 

Why Screen wash? Can I not just use water instead?

Well you can, but it’s really not a good idea.

Screen wash is enhanced with lots of extra stuff that makes it well worth the fiver you will spend on it. 

1. Water softener - keeps those jets & pipes clean. 

2. Antifreeze - won't turn to ice in super cold weather

3. Grime Remover - formula cleans off road dirt and fly guts without damaging your paintwork. 

What do I do with it?

Depending on what brand you buy, you may need to dilute your screen wash with water, or it might be premixed and good to go.

Just read the label and follow the instructions.

Where do I put it?

Best Answer: Consult your handbook 

Real Life Answer: Every car is different, but if you open up the bonnet you should see a cap with an icon of a windscreen with stuff squirting on it.

Remove the cap, look out for the max fill line and use a jug or funnel to pour in the solution until it reaches it and BOOM! Job done! 

Check out the level every month and top it up as necessary.




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