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6 Reasons Why you Should Drive in 2020

The fresh air, that open road, the freedom…that is the taste of passing your test and getting on the road, my friend!

Driving is the best. Nothing else comes close in its ability to relax, entertain, provide convenience and independence.

If you’re not driving yet, here’s some of the best reasons to get on the road this year!

Firstly, it’s not as scary as you think

Hill starts, three-point turns, busy roundabouts, parallel parking… they may sound scary, but really it isn’t as bad as you think. Once you master them, you will never look back.

The great thing about driving lessons is that you can take as many as you want, there is absolutely no rule on how many you need.

This is your year, embrace the moment and learn new skills, in no time you will be a top driver!

It can help land you that dream job

When you start applying for jobs, you will more than likely see “must have access to car” creeping up everywhere. In a big city you can probably get away with using public transport but if you are even remotely rural, then your options are pretty limited.

Being able to drive will be a great addition to your C.V. and help kick start your career.

Last-minute plans 👌

Forget the times of texting your friends saying, “I can’t, I have no lift”. When you start driving you can make last minute plans. 8pm movie? No problem.

You can go for a drive, arrange lunch dates or just call round to friends for a catch up. Being able to get out means you can even see new places and have more fun with friends.

Independence, finally!

When you get your license and if you are lucky enough to have your very own car, you have your own independence and greater responsibility. You get to go and do more things because you don’t have to ask for a lift. You can go places and do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do. Plus, you can be more flexible with your time, instead of depending on lifts at the time of mum and dad’s taxi.

You are Boss.

You get to make all the decisions; you don’t have to rely on other people. You get to decide important things like what time you leave, what route you take, what music you listen to and most importantly you never have to call shotgun again! Amazing!

It’s not as expensive as you think!

Telematics have revolutionised the price of car insurance for young drivers so it’s not as expensive as it once used to be.

Telematic insurance monitors your driving habits and behaviours and adjusts your car insurance based on how you drive.

Our very own telematics insurance, ChilliDrive, is an app that monitors you’re driving but gives you a huge upfront discount that significantly reduces the cost of your insurance and there is no rules when it comes to mileage restrictors or curfews.

Check out our ChilliDrive young driver insurance and get on the road asap!


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