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At ChilliDrive, we want to empower young drivers to experience the freedom and independence to get out on the road safely.

We have two plans* to choose from, both of which use our new and improved ChilliDrive app which is free to download when you take out your new policy with us. One plan offers the app on its own and the other, which is our most popular option, offers the app with a dashcam.

(The above plans are available to new ChilliDrive customers only. Existing customers can avail of the new app at renewal. The ChilliDrive Dashcam is not compatible with the original ChilliDrive app).

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Using bespoke telematics technology, our new and improved app offers you a unique experience to really learn how to improve your driving skills and become a more experienced, safer driver.

Using GPS technology, ChilliDrive uses a beacon which connects to your smartphone to monitor each trip you make. It scores you based on a set of criteria whilst offering you bespoke coaching feedback to help you improve.

You have access to our dedicated ChilliDrive Support team when you need them via the in-app Chat feature and if you are involved in an accident or require breakdown/windscreen assistance*, you can report it all via the in-app Incident feature.

*Subject to cover being in place

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  • ChilliDrive logo in circle

    No curfews

  • ChilliDrive logo in circle

    No blackbox required

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    Compatible with most smartphones*

  • ChilliDrive logo in circle

    Coaching feedback from the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM)

  • ChilliDrive logo in circle

    Monthly performance reports

  • ChilliDrive logo in circle

    Competitive Renewal Rate**


    *Minimum Requirements Android 4.0 & iOS 7.0
    **Subject to driving performance and available insurer rates

ChilliDrive + Dashcam

This plan includes everything the new ChilliDrive app has to offer as well as a range of additional safety features and benefits thanks to the Mio MiVue™ 733 WiFi.

  • ChilliDrive logo in circle High quality, Full HD Recording accessible via the app
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle 3-Axis G Sensor instantly records in the event of an accident recording direction, force as well as impact, turns and acceleration
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle WiFi Connectivity for easy transfer of footage to your phone
Trip map screen in app, Dashcam screen in app, and an image of a Dashcam


Your personal eyewitness on the road, MiVue™ 733 WiFi has your back whilst you’re out driving, recording every mile of your journey so you don’t have to worry. If an accident occurs, the dashcam will pick it up, transfer the footage to your phone and to our Support team should you need to use the footage as evidence in the event of a claim.

Technical Specifications
Size – 897.8 x 52.2 x 31.9 (mm)
Weight – 100g
Display Size – 2.7inch (16:9)
Recording Resolution – Full HD 1080p at 30fps
High Quality Glass Lense – 4G+1 IR
Video Format - .MOV (H.264)

What’s included in the ChilliDrive+Dashcam pack?
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle Mio MiVue™ 733 WiFi Dashcam (features defaulted for optimum compatibility with app)
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle Beacon
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle SD Card
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle In-vehicle charger
  • ChilliDrive logo in circle In-vehicle mounting bracket

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